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How to Download Client Libraries

Step-by-step instructions for downloading Client Libraries


What is a Client Library? As a Developer who creates applications for your users, you create API Keys for a particular project or application. In conjunction with a Ubiq Client Library, these keys will allow you to encrypt and decrypt data within your application without having to know anything about how encryption works. The Client Library provides you with a series of function calls that your application will invoke whenever you need to encrypt or decrypt data.

When your application needs to encrypt data, simply call the Client Library with your data and your API keys. The Client Library accesses master encryption keys protected in the Ubiq cloud and returns a data encryption key to your application. Your data never leaves your application and the encryption process always happens locally. Every detail of this process is handled for you by the Client Library.

How do I use a Client Library? Ubiq publishes a number of Client Libraries for the most popular languages. For example, if you are developing a Python application, then you would download and install the Python version of the Client Library. Ubiq libraries are publicly available in both GitLab and GitHub and can be easily cloned into your local development environment.

What’s the quickest way for me to see the Client Library in action? After you generate your API Keys in the Ubiq Dashboard, and download the Client Library appropriate for the language that you are developing in, you can run the sample test application included with the library. This is a great way for you to get started quickly and see how you would add Ubiq encryption into your own application.

Downloading Client Libraries

Navigate to the Ubiq GitLab or GitHub repositories and select from the list of available Client Libraries. From there, you’ll be able to clone the library into your local environment.

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How to Download Client Libraries

Step-by-step instructions for downloading Client Libraries

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