Versioning and Support Policy

Ubiq SDK Versions

Ubiq’s SDK versioning policy is based on the semantic versioning standard. For example, in version 2.1.3, 2 is the major, 1 is the minor, and 3 is the patch. When we release a new SDK version for new features or bug fixes, we increment one of these three version components depending on the type of change introduced.

  • Major. We increment the major version component when the version contains breaking changes that are backwards incompatible with the latest version, such as data incompatibility due to cryptographic algorithm changes, required parameters to core methods, data type changes, or renaming of methods.
  • Minor. We increment the minor version component when the version contains new features that are backwards compatible with the latest version or are optional, such as new quality-of-life methods (EncryptForSearch, etc.), an optional method parameter or configuration, or a significant improvement to performance or behavior that is still backwards compatible.
  • Patch. We increment the patch version component when the version contains backward-compatible bug fixes or minor behavior changes, such as minor performance improvements, dependency updates, or internal behavior changes

Ubiq unreleased SDK versions (beta)

You can access SDK releases before they are versioned to take advantage of the most recent updates and/or participate in a beta program. All unreleased versions will be available from the public repository for that SDK and will not be tagged with a version number. These releases will not be accessible via package managers. You may try these beta SDKs and share feedback with us before the features reach the stable phase. To learn more about how to use the beta SDKs, read the readme file in the GitLab repository of the individual language SDKs.

Ubiq SDK support policy

New features and bug fixes are released on the latest major version of the SDK. If you’re on an older major SDK version, we recommend upgrading to the latest major version to take advantage of these features and bug fixes. Older major versions of the package continue to be available for use, but won’t receive any additional updates. Older major versions may be backwards-incompatible with newer versions. Environments that use multiple SDKs should always keep those SDKs at the same major release.