Rate Limits

Ubiq safeguards against bursts of requests or malicious traffic to maximize stability for our customers. If you send too many requests, you will see rate limiting as an error 429 in Ubiq SDKs or as rate limiting notices when making Administrative requests.

Ubiq SDK Limits

We have overall and burst rate limits on requests that the Ubiq SDK makes to our backend. Please treat limits as hard maximums and use good design choices to avoid unnecessary load through techniques like key caching (you’ll have better performance and throughput too.)

For design input or if you are experiencing 429 errors and either need help or believe you need to raise your rate limits, please contact Ubiq support.

API Limiters

The basic rate limiter restricts the number of Ubiq SDK to Ubiq backend calls to 25 per second per IP or per API key. Administrative requests are limited to 5 per second per IP or API key.